About us

We have been been designing and manufacturing table tennis robots since 1985. This activity was based on the own patent nr. 200 947 in 1986.

We have been the supplier of the largest table tennis equipment company since 1998. Butterfly Co. Ltd. distributes the robots we develop and manufacture all over the world under the AMICUS brand.

The AMICUS 1000, 2000 and 3000 table tennis robots, with which we gained worldwide reputation, the predecessors of the robots now manufactured, in 2001 they won high marks in the Hungarian Grand Prix competition.

The latest developed and currently in production AMICUS Mobile table tennis robot family, a modern, modish, compact, integrated with its ball collecting net, very light, mobil, erudite, user-friendly robot family worldwide.

Mechanism, shape and the external and internal appearance of the three type of the currently manufactured robot family (Start, Expert, Prime) is almost identical, the knowledge gap between them is basically due to the difference between their electronics and control. The Prime model can be controlled via tablet, mobile phone, wireless connection with a wold-class, self-developed application.

AMICUSs thanks to their patented, still unique ball deflector unit and also the  3 ultra-light throwing disc throwing mechanism, contrary to the most robots in the world market, allow balls of any position, spin, arc,           strength and frequency to be served alternatively, this makes it possible to shoot and practise almost any series of balls in a programmable or random manner.

The frequency of shot balls can be continuously controlled in the range of about 5-120 balls/minute therefore AMICUS robots offer excellent training opportunities for both novice and professional players.