AMICUS START table tennis robot

We basically recommend it to beginners or advanced players who have been out of training for a long time

  • 3 throwing wheels head, with unique ball positioning mechanism
  • Throwing wheels are made of dough, durable foam material which also has a special anti-wear coating
  • Light, compact, robust, purpose built mechanics with a large ball collecting net
  • Serving balls of any spin (backspin, topspin, sidespin) speed, arc, position and frequency (20-100 ball/minute range)
  • Within one setting, it gives only one type, programmed or by random placement
  • Control of the length of the placed balls (the length of the thrown balls is the same regardless of whether the robot shoots in the middle or around the corner of the table)
  • All function can be adjusted from the control box from the player’s half of the space
  • Optional wireless remote control
  • Adjustable throwing heigth

The robot has 2-year full warranty by the manufacturer and a 5-year repair and parts supply.